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We're the International Team of experienced professionals from different countries and different IT specializations. We gathered together with the ultimate goal of bringing our customers and partners prompt, reliable, useful and cost-effective IT services to enable their businesses to grow.

CS Automation

It doesn’t matter if your Company receives Customers’ inquiries via phone calls, webchats or emails – our cost-effective intelligent support solutions will effectively automate more than 50% of your support workload.

IT Consulting

Regardless of the nature of your business, with our extensive experience we'll be able to conduct a comprehensive analysis of your company's IT Organization and will outline a clear plan to achieve your goals.

IT Outsourcing

Instead of hiring and training new IT staff you can acquire the required resources from the Rokitech. Our BPO/ITO Team has a wide range of professionals who can manage your web services and IT infrastructure.

VoIP Solutions

With our Cloud Internet Phone Solutions you can enjoy low-cost, high quality calling to any destinations around the world, and receiving calls from 35 countries via local numbers. Our IP telephony solutions perfectly fit companies of any scale - from small family type companies to enterprise level Call Centers.

For all of our projects we use the best and most up to date tools and technologies:


If you need help with your Company's IT challenges - we are that Team!

1. Send us an inquiry.
2. Shortly we will contact you to discuss your project and begin to prepare a proposal.
2. Once agreement has been made, our Team will start to deliver your project to your requirements and satisfaction.


Full transparency
All clients are able to check the progress and billing status of each step of the project.
Top notch methodologies
Depending on nature of your project, we will choose the most suitable and effective methodologies to deliver the results you need.
We are true fans of Technology, and we are in love with what we do! Being in this perfect place enables us achieving great results for our customers.

Pimpaluk Sanboonsiri
Director of Operations, IDP Education Services
“In our department we were struggling to find an appropriate and easy-to-use automated calling solution for our International Telemarketing Team – most of the services we tried were either unreliable, complicated or too expensive. However, the Rokitech were able to quickly design and implement a system which made our outgoing and incoming calls very easy and stable in terms of quality. More than that, it provided us with a lot of extra features such as recordings, call reports, automatic replies etc. We’re very happy with the final result.”

Joanna Lau
Country Manager, Global Standard
“At some point we came to the realization that it became very difficult to deal with our routine operations manually. That was very resources-consuming, and the quality started suffering. The Rokitech guys helped us to automate them all! They developed a system for us which perfectly does everything we need – manages products, processes payment, produces various reports and much more. Smooth and nice experience working with this Team!”

Alex Roganov
General Director, ELC
“Our Production system was running like a slow dog pushing us towards migration to a new hardware. Rokitech team did the magic by tweaking some configurations which made it many many times faster. The hardware upgrade is no longer needed and we're so happy about it. Good job!”


Statistically, 90%+ of all our project are delivered on time, within allocated budgets and in line with required quality standards.

Roki Team is always happy to share with the Tech community the experence we continiously gain:

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